Lisa Roukin Joins RA as a Guest Chef 

“Perhaps the most intimate relationships each of us will ever have is not with another person – instead it’s between our bodies and our food”.

Lisa Roukin

From the yearly January detox to being ready for your summer clothes, everyone has their own relationship with food. No one knows this more than Lisa Roukin whose relationship with food has been complicated from childhood. Being very overweight as a child and suffering from constant teasing and low self-esteem, Lisa went through a full-blown eating disorder in her late teens. Through a great deal of work and support from family and friends, Lisa pulled through her struggles, but her love of food remained strong. Now a trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef, Lisa champions healthy, contemporary eating to London’s young professionals, families and children, being an ambassador for a topic very close to her heart.   Jeremy Ford, Culinary Director at Restaurant Associates met Lisa at a Book signing where he was struck by her passion and vision for healthy yet contemporary food. Lisa now partners with RA as a guest chef where she showcases her recipes and spreads the message that it’s not about chomping down on carrots and looking down your nose on cupcakes or even about weight, it’s about becoming healthy and nourished. Her healthy relationship with food or ‘informal action plan’ as she likes to call it is based on simple principles of reducing refined sugar, animal fat, cream and starchy carbs and getting more colour and variety into your diet.