Ramael Scully, Head Chef of NOPI Restaurant, co-author of NOPI cookbook and general Salad Whisperer spends some time in the kitchen with our chefs. 


Gone are the days of tossed salads with a vinaigrette dressing!!  Ladies and gentlemen salads just got sexy…


It’s a buzzing kitchen atmosphere observing the chefs in action.  I had the pleasure of getting an invite to one of Scully’s training sessions with some of our chefs to take photos and taste the salads I’ve heard so much about and I can’t help feeling excited.  The NOPI salads are almost a brand in themselves, we’ve all been talking about the reinvention of the salad for a while now, and I think it’s fair to say that day has arrived.

Ramael’s decadent and exciting cooking is inspired by his colourful heritage.  Malaysian born, Scully moved to Sydney, Australia as a child where he grew up with a mixture of Turkish, Lebanese and Italian friends, not to mention of course his Chinese-Indian mother and Malay-Irish father, needless to say all of which had a huge influence in his formative years.  It’s fair to say that this melting pot of cultures and the pursuit of his love of food at culinary school is what produced the mix of flavours, touch of genius and passion that really gets the taste buds going and the room smelling of gorgeous aromas.

My research before meeting the man himself bought me to a quote in the cookbook ‘NOPI’, where Yotam Ottolenghi describes Ramael as a “big man with a congenial smile, baffling cultural heritage and distinctive shuffling gait” and he’s not wrong.  With his big personality he’s certainly one you can’t miss which is why we are so excited about him working with our chefs to make sure that his passion for colourful cooking infuses through our teams.  What better way to get these exciting recipes out to our sites to our clients and customers?  Already a hit where we’ve rolled it out, these salads have customer’s queuing round the corner and the variety keeps them coming back day after day.

“It’s all about layers of flavour!” he says, “Recipes are just a base to start from, my sessions teach chefs to be inspired to use their creative imaginations.  I teach them it’s all about taste, taste, taste!! Getting the right acidity is an art – balancing the spicy, hot and sour gives you the ultimate flavour!”

And he’s right, the flavours are surprising and delighting and I understand why people go crazy for these salads.  Safe to say I’m #1Scullyfan.