Jason Atherton on Solving Chef Skills Crisis at RA Innovation Expo 

Last night’s Innovation Expo in the City of London was a real celebration of all of the amazing chefs, ingredients and fantastic food that makes the catering industry such a great world to be a part of.

During his Chef Demo with Temple & Son’s Head Chef, Keith Hooker, Jason Atherton similarly voiced his views on how important it is for chefs to focus on and really promote all of the positive and exciting reasons to start a career within the industry:

“We’ve got this perception that we’re a second-rate industry to come into – we’re not. Our industry is a beautiful thing, but we’re not very good at selling it. It’s all about doom and gloom, how many hours you’ve got to work and how bad the pay is, all that type of stuff. We don’t concentrate on the good stuff – how fulfilling it is, how exciting it can be, there aren’t many industries in the world where you can travel freely with this skill.”

You can read more about Jason’s  talk in The Caterer’s article here.