Five minutes with…. Steve Groves 

Following the recent refurbishment of Roux at Parliament Square,  our very own Steve Groves, Head Chef, told Hospitality and Catering News all about the restaurant’s new style, his inspirations and his plans “to push for higher standards, keep the restaurant busy and pick up a few accolades on the way”.

“For the first three years I was sous chef working under someone else and that was great, but when the opportunity came to become head chef I felt it was my time to step up and start creating something in my style.  I’ve never felt like I’ve reached a ceiling and can’t take it any further here.  There is still space for me to grow and continue pushing forward, plus I’ve always had the support of the Roux family and Restaurant Associates so while that’s the case I’m happy to keep working here. We’ve always had a good group of people working here in the kitchen and front-of-house so that helps. Job satisfaction has always been high here, so why would I step away from that?”

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