New Brand Launched at the RA Summit 

Marking another fantastic, successful year at Restaurant Associates the annual RA Summit took place last week at Willis Towers Watson.

This Summit was an opportunity to celebrate all of the achievements of the past year as well as looking to the future and the direction of our business for the coming year. The Summit was the perfect time to acknowledge all of the people that have helped make it all happen.

6 months ago, we gathered our leadership team together to discuss our ‘why’. What makes us all get out of bed in the morning and do what we do. What does it meant to you to work at RA and what difference can we make to our clients? This exercise uncovered some consistent themes;

» Providing UNIQUE EXPERIENCES in food and services

» REAL and AUTHENTIC people

» OPPORTUNITIES to develop and innovate

And so our strapline was born. Experience Real Opportunity is a message for both our people and our clients as a commitment from every one at RA that experiences are provided by real people who are developed and rewarded and recognised providing opportunities to develop within our business and to grow that of our clients’.

The Summit was the perfect platform on which to officially launch a strapline and brand based on this insight and designed to resonate with every person in the room.

The launch of the new strapline and branding follows the recent introduction of our refreshed Talent Labs, created to ensure that each and every associate at RA has access to best in class, tailored training and opportunities.

Closing the event our e A Star awards shone a light on those particular teams and individuals that have gone above and beyond in their commitment and dedication to RA and to our customers over the last year.

Winners included:

Commitment to HSE – KPMG

Retail Manager of the Year – Georgette Williams, Morgan Stanley

Coffee Leader of the Year – Gartner Team

Hospitality Manager of the Year – Norbert Hausel, Aon

Best Commercial Performance – HSBC Team

Mobilisation of the Year – Blackrock Team

Chef at the Year – Adam Thomason, Deloitte

People Manager of the Year – Andrea Dude, Havas

Support Team contribution of the Year – Jordan Voisey

MD’s Award – Ming Lai

Bringing all of this together with the highlights of the past year the event built an exciting vision for 2018 and beyond, demonstrating our continued commitment to giving our customers, clients and staff the chance to