Go Figure! 

We know 69% of consumers want healthier food. That’s why our company-wide Health & Wellbeing Strategy has a series of pledges covering healthier food, lives and futures, and this strategy will inform consumers about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, reduce public sensitive nutrients in our foods and educate all for their futures.

One of the many ways we are implementing our commitment to our customers, clients and staff is through the ‘Go Figure!’ concept we introduced in early 2015 across our employee dining restaurants. This concept offers customers a perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced dish of up to 500 calories. With striking marketing and simple messaging, this concept rivals anything on the high street.

One of our clients, an international law firm, introduced this concept in June 2015 to their healthy food counter at lunchtime, and sales grew by 77%.

Providing a well-marketed, healthy option that consumers love is one of the ways we help transform business success. Get in touch to find out how great food and great service has the power to transform your business’ success.