Reducing Food Waste 

We have rolled out Winnow’s Yield Optimisation System to our strategic sites in the UK to help us reduce waste and improve the sustainability of our operations.

An initial pilot significantly reduced waste within months. As we rolled out the system to sites across London, the results multiplied and today average waste is down over 50% from the start point.

Service quality remained at high standards but with a lower level of food wastage. An average of 15 tonnes per year per site less food wasted, which equates to over 10,000 plated meals per annum – significant financial savings for our clients and a lower environmental impact.

Staff engagement at these sites increased, with staff being empowered to identify opportunities that deliver quick results. The Winnow system provides regular data to our management team, which is then shared daily with staff to track the impact they are having on food waste and sustainability

“The system is really easy to read and understand, and gives us an accurate view of waste on site. Chefs and front of house staff now think about waste throughout the day. For me, being able to see with detail which products are being wasted in incredibly important.” Head Chef, Restaurant Associates Banking Client