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"Every diner is a VlP, every dish we serve comes with the same creativity and passion as any top restaurant."

World class ingredients come from hand-picked suppliers,
including Lake District Farmers

We are proud of our award-winning service training program 'Impressions'

Our partnership with The Social Company influences our front of house style

We run City Social, a Michelin star restaurant with Jason Atherton

Employee Dining

"There's a long list of things that make people happy, productive and creative at work. But food is right up there at the top."

We use the same ingredients for employee dining as we do for fine dining – utilising purchasing power from Compass Group

Our culinary inspiration comes from around the world

Chef training is paramount – and includes study trips, education and chef stages

All our recipes are centrally managed for GDA and nutrition information


"For a quick and beautifully fresh bite, we'll recommend something that you'll love – that you wouldn't expect."

We have our own in-house brand, Naturally, a range of deli, grab'n'go sandwiches, desserts, cakes and fruit pots

Individually costed, spec'd and managed across the business we deliver high quality, consistent products – better than the high street, and made on each individual site

Seasonally introduced recipes using seasonally available ingredients


HEJ Where have you bean all my life??

Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
He sipped his macchiato before it was cool…

(Sorry, we couldn’t resist a coffee pun…)

The third wave coffee movement did away with the notion that coffee is a mere commodity and started to demand a certain reverence, the sort that one might pay to a fine wine or a gourmet cheese. Gone are the days of large chain branded, over-extracted espresso topped with a sorry splodge of burnt milk foam and thank goodness for that! Londoners are fast becoming coffee savvy critics and our beloved city has swiftly become the epicentre of a coffee revolution. The coffee scene is about so much more than coffee itself, folks are looking for coffee experiences. Hej Coffee was born through a couple of coffee-mavericks, Jeremy Knight and Mathew Keech, a pair who had a love of the intricate process from harvesting a bean to the final flourish of a Rosetta Tulip on your latte. They together took their burning desire to bring some personality back to the coffee market and created Hej. Hej are all about small batch roasting as, like most things, coffee tastes better when it’s fresh. This is also why the beans are roasted just down the road in Bermondsey near their flagship café, meaning that the magic happens a mere stone’s throw away before it comes anywhere near a grinder or tamper, enough for the most discerning coffee snob to be satisfied. This is why for us at Restaurant Associates it was a no-brainer to become the exclusive partner of Hej Coffee, in order to bring exciting new standards of coffee to our clients and customers.

“We are very proud to be chosen to partner with Restaurant Associates, with their passion for food and service and our love of coffee it’s a match made in heaven. Together we are breaking down barriers and making specialty coffee easily accessible and hopefully a fun experience for everyone involved. We work hard to empower our baristas with the skills and knowledge to deliver a fantastic coffee experience no matter what the occasion”
Mathew Keech, CCO of Hej Coffee (Chief Coffee Officer)

“Hej just have that special something that our clients fall in love with and we’re so proud to showcase their fantastic work in our clients’ sites. Jeremy and Matthew really get what we’re about at RA and work seamlessly with our operations teams. It’s obvious with Hej that making beautiful coffee is an art form, not something they leave to chance. We train all our baristas at the Hej Barista School in Bermondsey Square where they learn about everything from the roasting process, to cupping coffee and how to create the perfect latte art.”
James Boyle, MD of Restaurant Associates.

We couldn’t be more excited about working with Hej and are looking forward to what the future holds together.

Restaurant & Venues

"We love it when people want to stay in to eat. But eating out is fun too. So take your pick of our restaurants, bars, and commercial venues for private hire."

We run Michelin-starred restaurant City Social, with Jason Atherton

We run the Roux Family's restaurant Roux at Parliament Square

We run Vertigo 42 Champagne Bar in Tower 42


"Radish is all about designing inspiring events. We live and breathe events. We love them. They're all we do."

We act as creative consultants for our clients' events

We have an in-house, dedicated team, and utilise our Associate Chefs, culinary teams and recipes

We can offer competitive rates, using the purchasing power of world's largest catering company


Rapport provides personal, intuitive service, with a real focus on anticipating guests’ needs. The brand's ethos is based on creating rapport with clients and their guests from the outset, leaving them with the perfect impression every time.

This approach has already been recognised and Rapport is now a multi-award winning company

Our clients have a passion for ensuring their guests receive a remarkable experience.

Our clients understand the importance of great first impressions