Are you looking for the right company to provide your people with great food and service?

It's a big decision - so you've probably got some pretty big questions on your mind. Can you trust them with your corporate brand? Will your business be more competitive as a result? If you're ready for some answers, here goes.

Our food brings your people together

We're trusted every single day by a very special group of high profile clients. Lots of them are leaders in their own markets. They choose extremely carefully. And they choose us because our inspirational food is created by talented chefs and matched by excellent service. They love the fact that we run a Michelin star restaurant.

They can see and taste the results of our exclusive relationships with world renowned chefs like Jason Atherton and Michel Roux Jr. They also like us being in New York and Sydney, as well as just round the corner in central London. They know we're small and flexible enough to tailor what we do to exactly what they need, whilst still having serious resources to draw on.

Above all, they count on us to combine the innovative spirit of the high street with the great value that their people expect every day.

Well, that's us talking of course. And companies make all sorts of claims about service, don't they? But it's quite another thing when your customer service training programme wins the top award from the institute that cherry picks the very best.

We were the only one in our market amongst the finalists, so it's something we're quietly proud of. Well alright, not that quietly. But look at the amazing line-up of people who inspired our programme. Michel Roux Jr, Jason Atherton and Silvano Giraldin, former maître d'hôtel and general manager at Le Gavroche for 37 years.

Few know more about what outstanding service looks and feels like than these three. And now, that knowledge runs deep and wide throughout our business. Through every single one of us.

Steve Groves

Steve attended the Colchester Institute where he took a course in Professional Craft Catering. Steve's career as a chef has since included coveted positions at The Inn at Perry Cabin in the United States and the world-renowned Michelin-starred Launceston Place.

In addition, Steve has also cooked on some impressive stages on the London scene including Le Gavroche, Buckingham Palace, The Ledbury, The Greenhouse and Noma in Copenhagen. In 2010 Steve joined the kitchen team at Roux at Parliament Square, the collaboration between Restaurant Associates and Michel Roux Jr. In January 2013, Steve took on the role of Head Chef. Steve's finest moment came in 2009 when he was crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Winner.

But great service is nothing without great food. So we always insist on the very best ingredients - carefully sourced and freshly prepared by our own skilled and passionate chefs. The trick though is doing it brilliantly well.

Keeping it fresh with new ideas. Making sure it's every bit as good tomorrow as it's been today. And that's how we came up with our idea - our glorious collection of brilliant recipes that sit in the cloud. Let's bring together some of the very best chefs around, we thought. Let's capture their collective wisdom and their food inspiration. Let's put it all in one place, then make it open and accessible for everyone to share. So that's what we did. Written by chefs for chefs, it's live and constantly improving.

But at the same time it's perfectly consistent and precisely costed - with key nutritional facts for every single recipe. It's the perfect way for your people to make those important well informed choices.

Fresh ingredients coming together to make great food ...
The Cloud

Great food on the plate starts with great food in at the back door. That's why we take such incredible care when we choose our associate suppliers and producers and the ingredients they bring us. We love it when they're British. We love it even more when they're local. We insist that they're fresh. And we do a lap of honour when they add something really special.
Like when our friends at Secretts Farm take our chefs into a field in August to experience the delight of eating a raw ear of sweet corn, or a carrot straight from the ground. Or how they send these same chefs a growing plan every month so they can prepare their seasonal menus.